One-on-One with Interior Designer Alicia Cannon


Our Hospitality team had the pleasure of working with interior designer, Alicia Cannon, on a recent installation at the  Hotel Indigo in Brooklyn, NY. We sat down with her to learn more about her inspiration behind the new design, and what a rug does for a room.

1.   Can you explain your overall design concept for Hotel Indigo?

As a boutique hotel brand, each Hotel Indigo property is different, and the design aesthetic of each hotel speaks to the culture, character and history of its surrounding neighborhood. The brand encouraged us to pick up on the history of downtown Brooklyn. We played up the entertainment theme with an emphasis on the art and culture aspect, theater, authors and artists. There were some beautiful theaters that aligned Fulton Street and some very famous writers that lived in the neighborhood.  Brooklyn is still famously known for their art and culture scene from Brooklyn Academy Art to the newly designed Barclay Center. We really wanted to reflect the art and culture element in the overall design by capturing the view by using murals.

2.   Can you describe the type of mood you were going for with this design?

This hotel was a smaller key count and a boutique location. We wanted to keep it unique and cozy, reflecting what the neighborhood was like when it was a center for artists and intellectuals. This is also the first Hotel Indigo hotel in Brooklyn, and we wanted to bring the borough back to its romantic roots.


3.   In your opinion, what is the great thing about adding a rug to a room? 

Adding a rug to a space is great way to add a layer to the surface, create texture,  add color and give a graphic pop of inspiration.

4.   What about this design stands out?

I love the carving technique of the flur de lis pattern and the stripe detail that layers its background. It gives the illusion the pattern is almost floating. The pop of red is so incredibly vibrant and adds such a rich punch of color to the overall scheme of the room.

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