Introducing the Timeless Collection at Atlanta Market

This January, a new collection will be introduced in our Atlanta Rug Market showroom in January. Fourteen rugs based on the superb designs of Eastern origin dating back to the 15th century and now residing as artifacts in outstanding private and museum collections. We bring you the Timeless Collection.
“Bringing this collection to the market was a labor of love for us,” said Alex Peykar, principal of Nourison. “We looked through 100’s of classic museum pieces and selected about a dozen that used as inspiration for our collection. We then adapted it for today’s design, color and lifestyle trends. I am sure the results of our efforts speak for themselves.”
Some of the inspiration for Timeless come from:
  • Designs by Charles Voysey, the eminent architect and home furnishings designer from the late 19th century
  • A 17th century Armenian rug.
  • A 16th century Mamluk, which is currently in the royal manufactory in Istanbul.
  • A 17th century Dragon carpet from Azerbajian now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • A 15th century Caucasus rug now in the Berlin National Museum.
  • A 17th century Vase carpet now in the Rjiks Museum in Amsterdam.
Visitors will have the chance to see the collection  exhibited in a museum setting in Atlanta right next to the Nourison showroom, #3F3. It certainly will be an historic site to see.

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